Artist Resume

C. J. Fletcher


Graduated with distinction in Fine Arts and continued to study art appreciation at the University of Louisville 1989.


New York "Up Close and Personal"
Art Show 2003

Black In America Art Expo Boston, Massachusetts 2001

Sankofa Art Fine Art Expo

Philadelphia Art Fine Art Expo juried show 1999 with on going participation each year.

Kentucky Crafted the Market juried show 1998 with on going participation each year.

Capital Jazz Festival juried show Maryland 1998

Louisville Visual Arts Association juried show 1998.

Actor’s Theatre African American Invitation Exhibition 1995 to 1998.

Featured artist at the Art Expo Atlanta, Georgia 1996

One Woman Show Floyd County Museum, Jeffersonville, IN 1996


Presented with “Arts and Culture Award” by the National Coalition of 100 Black

Women Pennsylvania Chapter in November 2000 for

“Distinguished Accomplishments and Limitless Creativity”.

Grant Award from the Kentucky Foundation for Women for

“Artist Enrichment Grant 2001” Louisville, Kentucky

Black Achiever’s Award 2001

Merit Award Louisville Visual Arts Association 1998 for painting

“Color of Music #9”

Kentucky African Americans Against Cancer Award

“Outstanding Contribution to the Community”.


Juror for Kentucky Foundation for Women for 2-D visual art grant recipient program.

Juror for Kentucky Crafted-The Market for 2-D visual arts program.

Coordinator for special fundraiser project to benefit St. Anthony’s Outreach Center 2001.

Advisory Committee member for the Kentucky Arts Council. Served the three-year term as liaison person for the pilot program for 2-D visual artists wishing to participate in Kentucky Crafted -The Market Program.

Advisory Committee member for the Mayor Advisory Committee on Public Amenities (MACOPA). Instrumental in launching the “Flock of Finns Project”.

Member of NETWORK Inc. (New Energy To Work Out Racial Kinks) since 1999

Taught landscape painting to children at the Spring Hill Montessori Parks and Recreation Center - 2000.

Committee member Jefferson Community College alumni Affairs - special project 2000- developed curriculum for JCC students to design logo for the college.

Since 1991 and on going involved in activities and fundraising projects at my church - St. Stephen Baptist Church.

Teaches Art Appreciation to at-risk children at the Louisville Central Community Center since 1999.

Chairperson for the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage Museum Advisory Committee 1999.

Chairperson for the Wesley Community House Advisory Committee 1999-2000.

Committee member for Maryhurst Benefit - Special Project 2001. Designed logo mask “Hope” and “Music On My Mind Mask which sold in the silent auction for $2,500.


Shamrock Foundation 1999 to 2001

Juneteenth Festival 2000 to 2001 - donated art prints for fundraiser

Lincoln Foundation 1998 to2001 - donated art prints for fundraiser.

Metro United Way contributions on going yearly since 1989.

Crusade for Children contributions on going yearly since 1989.

Fund for the Arts contributions on going yearly since 1989.

Haven House1999 - 2001 to donated art prints for fundraiser

Bridgehaven Benefit - Featured Mike Wallace suffered from manic depression 1998.