About C. J. Fletcher

C. J. Fletcher a native of Nashville, TN. now residing in Louisville, KY graduated with distinction in Fine Arts and continued to study art appreciation at the University of Louisville. Some of her thoughts and statements are:

My paintings are results of what I was feeling and thinking at that given moment. When the initial thought enters my mind for a particular piece of artwork and it becomes reality on canvas, that painting is not complete until I can feel my soul in it. The thought of wanting to express calmness, peacefulness and thankfulness was a result of my painting Giving Thanks. Here my thoughts were connected to my spiritual attributes in the creation of this painting and since it was so popular, I did a similar one called Still Giving Thanks. In this painting, I again used the seven images, in which seven symbolizes the number of completion and still added the ambiance of the universe and the earth. In a totally different state of mind, I paint an on-going series of paintings called the Color of Music. The concept of my mosaic images, using many different colors of paint, represent all ethnic groups in which they all play all types of musical instrument. They were created with the thought of being like our society, integrated colors working together in an effort to create harmony.

My wonderful gift from God, has enabled me teach art appreciation to young at-risk children at local community centers, as well as assist in coordinating art related community activities. This talent has also allowed me to monetarily give to charitable community organizations by donating many of my limited edition prints for their fundraisers. I've completed many commissioned pieces, one for the National Presbyterian Center Headquarters 2001. Whenever commissioned to do a piece at first it becomes a challenge, and if we look at challenges in a positive way, they can be used as stepping stones to produce the enter product of ourselves which wants to be better. I love to paint and will always strive to enhance what I do in an effort to make our community a better place to live.